Whether you’re going to celebrate your wedding in an actual garden or you simply want to have a garden-inspired celebration in an indoor venue, you can most definitely follow these decorative ideas that we implemented for a garden wedding at David Brown Restaurant in Penang Hill.
Ceremony Décor
We placed bamboo posts in the aisle where the bride is going to walk toward her groom. Then we attached white natural-looking birdcages embellished with lovely blossoms in pastel colors. Baby pink ribbons were also affixed to the chairs for the ceremony.
Beautiful Pastels
All around the area, we played around with pretty pinks, peaches, and creams. You’ll find these hues in the flowers on table centerpieces as well as on plates, napkins, vases, and other decors. A hint of green here and there offers a good contrast and helps bring out the green in the surrounding trees and plants. Furthermore, we opted to use floral table runner to emphasize the garden theme and also match the pastel decors.
DIY Cans and Vases
Garden themes often have a laidback, romantic atmosphere. To enhance simple centerpieces, you can go for DIY cans and vases wrapped with recycled paper, stationery with dried flowers and leaves, natural-looking giftwrapping papers, and the like. Tie around eco-friendly ropes and laces and put in other embellishments to make the cans and vases as pretty as the flowers they are holding.
Twigs and Leaves
Of course it also makes perfect sense to incorporate twigs and leaves in your decorations. For instance, we made use of birdcages and other decors that looked like they were made out of twisted and intertwined twigs. We also included actual sticks from plants to mix in with flower arrangements.
Fun Garden Games
What made this garden wedding stand out too was the fact that there were different fun garden games set up around the area. These provided a great opportunity for guests to roam around and enjoy themselves while bonding through activities. Aside from the outdoor photo booth setup, we had a “Smash the Can” corner and a “Ducky Duck” game booth where people can “fish” for rubber duckies!
The celebration was certainly special, romantic, and very relaxing for everyone.