Isn’t it fantastic if you get to make a guest smile and feel excited when he or she receives your wedding invitation? Indeed coming up with interesting and unconventional wedding invitations is one way to capture the attention of your guests and make them take note of this special day.
Cool Commercial
It’s your chance to become commercial models! Come up with a video teaser that appears like a TV commercial which features the two of you inviting your guest to come to your wedding day. If you know how to edit a video, this can be a DIY project. If not, you can either hire a professional or ask one of your friends to help out. Burn the video in a CD and have a personalized cover printed.
Sweet Serenade
How would you feel if somebody came to your office to deliver an invitation and then serenaded you with a sweet song right then and there? It’s certainly an honor to be offered with such a thoughtful gesture. You can make your guests feel special and flattered by hiring a singer to render a few lines every time he or she hands over the invitation.
Message in a Bottle
There are many variations to the “message in a bottle” wedding invite. You can go for the classic look— a white piece of paper with burned edges rolled inside a plain bottle. Or you can inject some fascinating variations such as using a soft drink bottle or designing the surface of a bottle. You can also opt to put in sand, buttons, beads, flowers, and even candies inside the bottle along with the handwritten (or seemingly handwritten) message containing the details of your wedding.
Treasures in a Box
Make use of a stylish box in which you can include cards where the details are printed. Along with these, be sure to throw in some treasures depending on your theme and interests as a couple. If you love sweets, you can put in chocolates and candies. If you are coffee lovers, add some coffee beans. The aroma will make an impact on the recipients. You can also opt for pressed flowers, colored feathers, beaded bracelets, and small scented candles.
Whichever of these you decide to use for your wedding invitations, they’re bound to blow your guests away and to leave a mark in their hearts too even before they attend the celebration.