If you are still in the initial planning stages of your wedding, you’re in luck! Having come across this article will provide you with a different perspective and a couple of fresh, unique ideas on wedding themes. Remember that this is your once-in-a-lifetime BIG day so you should not just settle for the usual garden, vintage, beach, and modern romantic themes. It’s much better to pick a theme that reflects a particular interest that you share with your spouse-to-be. This way, you get to really enjoy the event, add a personal touch that guests will never forget, and create fabulous memories that will make a bigger impact when you look back on them years from now.

Here are four fresh and unique interest-based wedding themes that may ignite your imagination and drive you to come up with an amazing personalized theme for your special day:

Movie Mania Theme

If the two of you are fond of watching movies together, this theme will suit you well. Think reels and films, Hollywood stars, red carpet, and bright lights for the décor. You can give out invites in the form of movie tickets for the advanced screening of your love story as husband and wife. Come up with a mini film that features the two of you as the main actors. Prepare Hollywood celebrity-inspired props for your photo booth. Prepare to give special awards to guests and hand them trophies too.

Coffee Craze Theme

Imagine your guests strolling into the reception hall filled with the relaxing aroma of coffee. With coffee carts on either side of the venue, coffee shop-inspired design all around, and coffee beans as your giveaways, this will surely be a comforting time for you and your loved ones.

Book Lovers Theme

Come up with a unique centerpiece for the guest tables— a couple of books trimmed with fresh, romantic flowers and perhaps a tea cup, a stylish candle, and/or a bookmark featuring your picture as a couple along with your favorite romantic quote from an actual book. For your backdrop, you can even have an old-world type of bookshelves with a lovely flower arrangement.

Food Trippers Theme

Do you guys enjoy trying out different restaurants, binging on snacks even at home, and shopping for new food items? This theme will certainly make you and your guests very happy. You have to allot a large portion of your budget on food. Come up with ticket stubs that your guests can avail from various sections during the reception. It’s more exciting for a visitor to claim different food items aside from the main feast.

There are certainly a lot more themes that about-to-be-married couples can consider based on their interests. Pick one that you can turn into a great party and that will surely make your guests remember this event forever.