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Think about Having a Candy Bar at Your Reception
There are many different ways to create an unforgettable reception that you as well as your guests will never forget. For example, one of the newest trends that everyone seems to love is the candy bar. If you have never heard of it, just imagine a buffet filled with all types of candies. Guests pick up small boxes or bags and fill them up for their own personalized take-home favor. It’s actually quite easy to include this fun idea to your reception. Just consider these pointers.
You need one full table set aside for the candy bar. Only the candy and extra paraphernalia like bags or boxes should be included on the table. This way, the bar will be highlighted and guests will easily notice it.

Think about the type of theme you want to include in the candy bar. Most people use the colors from their wedding, but you could also consider certain types of candies or even personalized wrappers with specific images or writing on them. Just make sure you choose a variety of different candy for guests to choose from. One fun idea is to be whimsical about the sweets you include on the bar. You could choose all old fashioned options like candy shop striped sticks, ribboned hard candy, and other hard sweets.

Make sure you keep things simple and easy for the guests. There should be small scoops provided for easy serving. Additionally, choose the right containers for guests to take home. You could choose small boxes that are decorated with your wedding colors or your monogram. Small organza bags can also work well. Just ensure the containers match the look of your wedding and include something personal about you.

If you are looking for something fun and unique to add to your reception, consider the candy bar. You and your guest will love this idea and it gives the guests a chance to create a wedding favor they will like taking home.

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