Wedding Theme

Unique and personalized theme make the whole wedding concept looks special , elegance and meaningful.

Wedding Cocktail Party @ Golden Sand Hotel

Usually, weddings include a big group of people, around 200-500 guests. These days, though, more and more couples are opting for small-scale, more intimate celebrations. The new generation is throwing old traditions to the wind and trying out various ways to make their wedding day special and extraordinary. For many, having a relaxed cocktail party […]

VOW Exchange ceremony at Shangri La’s Rasa Sayang Hotel Beach

Decorating a beach venue for a wedding ceremony entails careful planning, preparation, and implementation. It’s essential to utilize the beauty of the natural surroundings while further accentuating them to bring out the beach theme in a romantic, stylish, and elegant manner.
In this vow exchange ceremony, we decided to play up more of traditional flower arrangements […]

Malay Wedding Decoration at Ixora Hotel

Malay Wedding decoration is a bit different than Chinese Wedding assuming decoration at hotel ballroom. For malay wedding, Pelamin is the most important core decoration as Bridge & Groom will be having ceremony on the stage. Long Table Seating pattern facing the guests is commonly applied for VIP table. Another significant different is Malay entertainment […]

Malay Akad Nikah VOW Exchange Ceremony

Malay Wedding VOW Exchange Ceremony is quite similar with Western. Difference is the scripts and some arrangement. In Malay words, we call it Akad Nikah, means VOW Exchange . There will be Malay Celebrant, speeches, the vows, ring exchange, and so on. In Malay Wedding, one of the most important thing is the hantaran (Gifts […]

Homage to Our Past – Vow Exchange Ceremony , Dinner, After Party

It’s very common to have only the reception party decorated elaborately. However, there are more and more couples these days who want to also have their ceremonial rite venue styled. Aside from the vow exchange ceremony, we’ve also had the chance to set up decorations for wedding dinners and after party gatherings. After all, these […]

Wedding in Western & Oriental Theme at Equatorial Hotel

Some client may request for a Mixing western & oriental theme. It is very challenging because the decoration cannot be too western nor too oriental . Else it will seem very odd.
If we want the wedding to look classy and elegant, decoration cannot be too complicated or too many props. Let your wedding feel comfortable […]

Romance Garden Wedding Theme at Park Royal Hotel

What’s your idea of a romance garden?
Perhaps you’re thinking of beautiful blooms and dancing colors amid a lush natural environment. Maybe you’re picturing sweet roses, soft romantic music playing in the background, and gentle white laces and fabrics swaying in the wind.
But what if this theme is to be used for an indoor wedding, such […]

Candy Bar Candy Buffet Corner

Candy Bar is getting popular and demanding especially for western wedding. Usually we will see cocktail bar at hotel during prewedding reception where Waiters busy serve the cocktail among the guests .
Decoration of Candy Bar Corner can be simple and nice. The important is to matching the main wedding theme.

Poker Face Game Wedding Decoration

Do you like to go casino or you just download casino app game in your iphone? Which gambling game do you like most? Black Jack, roulette, Baccarat, Texas Poker, Big Small, banker player etc? Nowadays we enjoy pulling our leg to those Cruise travel such as Star Cruise Libra and Amusement World. Gambling is actually […]

Mild Wild Secret Beach Theme Wedding

A lot of clients love beach theme event as some of them are really having it by the beach side enjoying wind blows from the ocean , feeling the splashing waves, and sea-gull-screams. Someone associates the sea with flight and inspiration, someone sees in it power and pacification, but the major part of respondents will […]

Christmas Theme Church Wedding: 5 Décor Ideas You’ll Love

It was exciting to be given the opportunity to decorate a church wedding, following a Christmas theme. After all, there’s nothing like the Christmas spirit and festive season to cheer people up and immediately put them in a loving, giving, and happy mood.
Naturally, if you’ll be decorating a church, you will have to ask permission […]

Beach Wedding Party at Hard Rock Hotel Penang

Beach weddings can be quite common. But of course, it’s really up to the wedding stylist and to your chosen decorations to make the celebration look unique and stunning.
For this particular beach wedding party, we came up with a lot of beach-inspired centerpieces and floral trimmings to liven up the entire place and create a […]

Homage to our Past at Mansion Cheong Fatt Tze

In the fast-paced world we live in, everyone these days have forgotten about a lot of the wonderful things that used to be a part of our lives. In the name of progress, we have lost a lot of our traditions, our cultural awareness and even our most precious child-hood memories. Granted, there have been […]

The Fire Garden Wedding

Elegance Purple Lavender

Back to 60s 70s Retro Event Dinner at BayView Hotel

As some of us were growing up after 70s and the world has been changing fast to the advanced and mechanical world . At the same time, we had forgotten about a lot of the wonderful things that used to be a part of our lives. We really need to and we wish to back […]

Greek Theme Wedding

F1 One Winning Performance at Sentosa One Degree 15 Marina Club Singapore

Situated just 15 minutes from Singapore’s city centre, Sentosa is home to an exciting array of themed attractions, award- winning spa retreats and resort accommodation, alongside lush rainforests, golden sandy beaches and luxury residences.ONE°15 Marina Club is located at the private residential area, not far from Resorts World Sentosa which features South-East Asia’s first Universal […]

Wedding at E&O Hotel Penang

A classy and romance wedding is held at 5 star E&O Hotel ballroom. Nowadays decor prefer not to be too complicated moreover must be elegant. A simple concept is already the best presentable way.

Garden Wedding Ceremony at Penang Hill David Brown

Observe that local new generation starts to plan for their wedding by doing garden wedding ceremony. It is a very great concept for those couples who like simple and nice wedding ceremony. The process is quite similar to church wedding but because of religious reason, couples will build their own wedding ceremony at garden or […]

David Brown’s Restaurant at Penang Hill , Bukit Bendera

David Brown’s Restaurant is one of the very special restaurant in penang. When you reach the air hitam Penang Hill or Bukit Bendera, you will see the train ticket selling station. This station is still in micro manage system as they need your IC or passport. Therefore, do not forget to bring along your passport […]

HERBALIFE Event “Kampong Fishing Village” at Ixora Hotel

A new Hotel was opened in year 2011. A 5-minute walk from Megamall Penang, the modern Ixora Hotel in Perai offers stylish air-conditioned rooms with free Wi-Fi. It has free parking, a restaurant and 24-hour concierge services.

Herbalife is the nutrition health product, international brand. If you cannot recall where you heard before, you may check […]

Intel Event Dinner “A Nite in Wonderland” at Park Royal Hotel

Venue Name: PARKROYAL Penang Resort

Total Tables fit in.
The main ballroom can accommodate up to 38 tables maximum.The smallest ballroom can accommodate 4 tables.

Hotel Star Rating

Wedding Package
Charges as per wedding packages. Chinese 8 Course Dinner starts from RM788.00++ per table. For details, please refer to the hotel Sales person.

Dinner menu
8 course dinner , Buffet

Hotel include decoration […]

Western Wedding versus Eastern Wedding

Meet with many many clients. Sometimes its very funny to see my clients in theme selection. Not saying in personalized custom theme but for those basic theme like western or eastern (Oriental or Middle east style). I met client whereby the groom likes eastern but the bride likes western or the other way round. I […]

Singapore Company Event Function at E&O Hotel Ballroom

Photographer by Twenty Two Photographic Studio

Penang Mansion Thirty Two Restaurant Wedding Decoration

Maple Palace Restaurant Garden Wedding Decoration

Maple Palace Restaurant formerly Maple Gold Restaurant is best known for its exquisite Chinese and local cuisine but there is much more to this ground-breaking restaurant than the mere warm hospitality of a rustic, historically preserved building. It’s the entire package, from its ingredient ingenuity to flawless execution, that makes it a beacon of excellence […]

Golden Sands Resort Penang Wedding Decoration

The Golden Sands Resort by Shangri-La, located at Penang’s popular Batu Feringgi Beach. As her name is Golden Sand, the lobby interior has the mid -eastern design in golden colour. Hotel Staff services are excellent! There is a few swimming pool, water level from kids to adult. The Sigi bar restaurant next to the pool […]

Shanghai Wedding Night 1937 上海婚宴之夜1937

Posted many many of Modern design and decoration, almost all wedding from either oriental or western theme that we seen. Why don’t we have our wedding to bring us back to the old time just like some movie , using time machine and transport back to some years of memory. Here we go a very […]

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