Beach weddings can be quite common. But of course, it’s really up to the wedding stylist and to your chosen decorations to make the celebration look unique and stunning.
For this particular beach wedding party, we came up with a lot of beach-inspired centerpieces and floral trimmings to liven up the entire place and create a cozy, romantic ambiance.
Extravagant Floral Centerpieces
Nature appears to be at its very best with our creative approaches to various centerpieces. We made each one beautiful, combining a multitude of flower types and colors that seemed to range from dainty to bright and fun. Orchids, daisies, and a lot more were thrown together in a lovely way, arranged either in colored vases or simple glass bowls and containers. The splashes of orange, purple, yellow, and pink seem to blend well with one another, making the mood very cheerful and suitable for an exciting party.
To make the floral setups more interesting and beach-inspired, we incorporated small white candles, starfish decors, and a variety of seashells. The overall effect was incredibly gorgeous! The newlyweds were all praises and everybody had a good time.
Hanging Floral Drapes
Aside from the centerpieces, we also let flowers reign in other decors such as with the hanging floral drapes we came up with—pretty orchids and other blooms with vivid colors reminiscent of Hawaiian dances and sceneries. Thus, people felt as if they were in a beach paradise but ready to party the modern way.
Fabric Magic
Fabrics play a major role too in creating ambiance and enhancing decors during a wedding reception. We decided to go for textured/patterned white tablecloths so as not to take away the spotlight from the dramatically arranged centerpieces. These tablecloths looked laidback, sweet, and romantic in a subtle way.
Furthermore, we wrapped bright green fabrics around the chairs, bringing out the green in surrounding trees and plants while contrasting beautifully with the colorful flowers. Indeed the whole area looked like a natural delight in the midst of a breathtaking beach.
With these decors, we once again nailed the theme and look that the couple wanted. The charming stylishness and beauty will forever be engraved in their memories and captured in the wedding pictures.