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Beach/Garden Wedding Exclusive Party

Simple yet oozing with elegance and romance, this beach-garden wedding exclusive party was a definite hit among the guests who felt very relaxed and blissful during the event. At the same time, the dainty and sweet-love-is-in-the-air decors truly made the newlyweds happy and very much in love!
We wanted to come up with a cozy, romantic […]

Twilight Themed Wedding: A Celebration of Eternal Love

Even until now, hopeless romantics are still raving about the love story of Edward and Bella in the Twilight series. Who could forget their powerful and sacrificial love for each other, signifying the ultimate essence of marriage which is eternal love and unity?
Start planning your Twilight themed wedding now to celebrate your very own match […]

Vintage Themed Wedding Decoration: Different Elements to Incorporate

Every vintage-themed wedding we style and set up is unique because we mix and match various elements while incorporating personal touches. At the same time, we also make sure to establish a “blast from the past” look that suits the bride and groom and their idea of a romantic and delightful wedding celebration.
Signature DIY Flowers […]

Little Details that Guests Care about on Your Wedding Day

Of course, the two most important people on your wedding day will be you and your fiancé/betrothed. You will want a day that is centred around the two of you, but it’s also a good idea to make sure your guests have fun. When people have gone out of their way to come to your […]

Retro Graphic Design

Last Minute Things You May Forget Right Before Your Wedding

In the few days before the wedding, you will have so much to do that you could easily forget something important. However, if you have a checklist of last minutes things that are most commonly forgotten, you can make sure they don’t get overlooked so that you can enjoy a perfect day just as you […]

Garden Wedding Ceremony at Blue Mansion

You don’t have to be physically present to enjoy the preparations for your big day and to ensure that the celebration will be truly special, beautiful, and unforgettable. Just like this lovely couple from Singapore, Nick and Elise, you can also obtain our expertise to plan your dream wedding even from a distance.
With our pretty […]

Consider a Beautiful Trend in the Wedding Theme

When you begin planning your wedding, so many different things will come to mind: who will be your bridesmaids, what types of food will you include at the reception, and what colors will you include in the décor? There is one thing you may not have considered. Have you ever thought about adding a theme […]

Hawaii Night crossover Bubble Wedding Party at hArd rOck Hotel

Talk about great fun for this party! This wedding event is definitely a night to remember, as we planned out unforgettable fun with bubbles amid a Hawaiian theme.
Given the opportunity to coordinate this 3-day wedding celebration including all the trip arrangements and wedding program and coordination, we made sure that the couple and their guests […]

White Christmas theme wedding @ Ixora Hotel

There’s nothing like Christmas to spread cheer and feelings of love! No wonder more couples are opting for this theme for their wedding day celebration, whether or not their special day falls on December.
Instantly put your guests in a joyful and giving mood by preparing a beautiful, fun Christmas-themed wedding. In this particular set of […]

Classy Decorations at G Hotel Penang

Thinking of contemporary and classy decors for your special day? Check out the modern concepts we applied at G Hotel Penang! You’re bound to love the amazing elegance and overall beauty of these designs, highlighted with roses and lilies to complete the romantic ambiance of the event.
Roses are Red, Violets are Blue
You can pick from […]

A Little Something to Take Home

Should You Include Wedding Favors at Your Reception?

Many people choose to include wedding favors at their reception. This is a common tradition and it is a great way to send a little something home with the guests. Favors can vary wildly in type, style, and cost, and some people choose not to include them at […]

Signature Decoration at Rasa Sayang Hotel: Fresh, Minty, and Relaxing

Want to provide a sophisticated yet laidback look for your wedding reception? Even if you’re having it in a hotel, it doesn’t have to be too formal and stuffy. We can give you this same look for your event— fresh, minty, and relaxing.
Bright and Breezy Entrance Arc
Take a look at the bright and breezy entrance […]

Garden Ceremony at Shangri-La Hotel

We made sure that each and every guest would feel relaxed, comfy, and at home during this special wedding ceremony at Shangri-La Hotel. The decors we did for this garden event were characteristic of our signature fresh, classy appeal. With the combination of mint fabrics, crisp baby breath, and our trademark DIY flowers in lovely […]

Wedding Themes: 8 Decoration Ideas for the Art of Oriental

Thinking of having some sort of Asian fusion wedding theme? Check out our artistic approach for oriental-inspired weddings!
Here are 8 decoration ideas you can try out yourself:
1. Touch of Bamboo
Whether it’s a couple of bamboo pieces cut in half with candles, pebbles, or flowers, it’s bound to set off the mood just right. You can […]

Who Should You Include In Your Queer Wedding?

Many states have legalized same sex marriages and a few countries around the world have done the same as well. There is still a long way to go, but it is a start and if you have decided to get married with your significant other, now you have the option! However, queer weddings can be […]

Traditional Wedding Cake VS. Cupcake Tower: Chic or Kitsch?

Wedding cupcakes are all the rage nowadays. Your grandmother however might find them “cheap” and a bit too casual. Is she right or should you feel free to enjoy this new wedding fashion without doubts? Let the battle begin!

It really depends on who is making the cake/cupcakes and how elaborate you want your decoration. For […]

A Night in Wonderland

If we apply only the lighting for the ambiance of the place but without the decoration, the event will look corporate or perhaps even appear as if you’re in a night club. If we apply just the floral decoration without the lighting, then we can achieve a bedroom type of look or perhaps a garden-like […]

The Perfect Budget Distribution

With most couples nowadays having a limited budget, distributing it may seem like you have nothing to work with. However, there are many ways to save, when it comes to wedding planning. All you need to do is identify which aspects are the most important to you and invest the biggest part of your budget […]

Thank You Notes: Organizing and Wording

Once you decide to get married and send out the “Save the Date” card, people will start calling you to congratulate you and ask about the gift registry. Then, gifts will start arriving at your home, sometimes even months before you get married. This is why it is a good idea to plan ahead for […]

Old Shanghai Retro Wedding Decoration

Are you imagining a vintage type of wedding with old-world romance spelled out across the event venue? Do you want to feel like a beautiful memory that has come to life and will forever be imprinted in the minds and hearts of your guests?
In these old Shanghai retro wedding decorations that we came up with, […]

Old Shanghai Night Retro Wedding

The name Shanghai 上海 in Chinese character means above the sea. Its due to the earliest occurrence of the river confluence and a town with this name in the area. During Tang dynasty, people was living on the boat using old oil lamp. In 19th Century, International attention to Shanghai was growing due to European […]

Full House Penang Wedding VOW Exchange

Full House is a Lifestyle Store and Cafe located at the Time Square , the centre heart of Georgetown ,best strategic location for your guests. It is a duplex concept where you can have your reception at downstairs and enjoy shopping at upstairs. Full House has a home life feeling and a sense of Victorian […]

Unique Wedding theme Decoration at E&O Hotel

For this event, we heard a lot of “oohs”and “aahs” as people admired the dainty, romantic decorations. They were done in pure elegance and beauty, achieving a combination of classic and unique in an exquisite way. It was like entering a lovely, upscale hotel in Europe but with a relaxing ambiance that makes you feel […]

Paris in Love Theme Wedding at Penang Suffolk House

Who says your wedding must look exactly like everyone else’s? So many times, the décor and details you could choose are just generic in nature, and they have been used for far too long. Your special day should be just that: special. It should incorporate all types of personal details that make it unique to […]

Tips On Choosing The Ideal Wedding Food Menu

The wedding dinner is a chance to thank your guests for honoring your special occasion and showing that you want to please them. There are many different options of wedding menus and what you will choose depends on your budget, wedding style, food preferences and the number of guests.

Western fine dining
This is the most formal […]

Table Floral Decoration at Suffolk House Penang

This is part of Paris in Love Theme Wedding . Table Decoration for western fine dining. Keep in mind that your wedding should be just what you want it to be, from the theme to the décor to the flower arrangements. Anything you can do to add small touches of personalization will turn your day […]

Paper Crane Garden Wedding at Suffolk House

Recently there are many people looking for VOW Exchange ceremony. As long as the place is beautiful, any place can be your ceremony venue. Garden Wedding is the most wonderful one if you are planning for a natural, green environment and it is actually very nice for your photography shooting. Suffolk house is one of […]

Ming Garden – Wedding Decoration

Ming Garden is an internal restaurant located at 2nd floor Times Square, Penang. It can hold maximum 100 tables for wedding function. Car park is huge as this is the shopping complex and also a residence condominium. The special for this restaurant comparing to others is that , there is a nice space at the […]

Four Fresh and Unique Interest-Based Wedding Themes

If you are still in the initial planning stages of your wedding, you’re in luck! Having come across this article will provide you with a different perspective and a couple of fresh, unique ideas on wedding themes. Remember that this is your once-in-a-lifetime BIG day so you should not just settle for the usual garden, […]