Thinking of having some sort of Asian fusion wedding theme? Check out our artistic approach for oriental-inspired weddings!
Here are 8 decoration ideas you can try out yourself:
1. Touch of Bamboo
Whether it’s a couple of bamboo pieces cut in half with candles, pebbles, or flowers, it’s bound to set off the mood just right. You can also try hanging bamboo cages from the ceiling or including them in your centerpieces, complete with hand-painted glass balls in oriental designs. Take a look at the pictures here of how we styled some weddings with bamboo.
2. Driftwood, Twigs, and Flowers
Asian countries are very much associated with gardens and natural surroundings. It’s therefore helpful to incorporate natural driftwood, twigs, and branches with your flower arrangements and decors.
3. DIY Paper Fans
Why not purchase some Asian-inspired printed papers in craft stores and come up with Chinese-looking fans and Japanese origami? You can even decorate these further with Chinese buttons and tassels which are often used in traditional costumes of the Chinese. Look at the backdrop we came up with!
4. Oriental Words “Wedding”
With throw pillows and beanbags dressed in Oriental Wedding Words, you definitely can’t go wrong. You can also opt to use such prints for the backdrop.
5. Japanese Zen Style
Some couples love the relaxing ambiance and elegant look of Japanese Zen. Imagine minimalist designs in white and shades of green and brown. You can incorporate simple plants characteristic of a Japanese Zen garden. Plain, natural pebbles will also come in handy.
6. Vases, Frames, and Figurines
Notice the vases and picture frames we used in the pictures? You can scour the malls and local shops in your area for oriental-themed bottles, figurines, and more that you can inject into each centerpiece or perhaps display on the registration and cake tables.
7. Native Laces and Fabrics
Laces are very popular in weddings. Try to look for those that are more Asian in appearance than Western. It would also be great to hang native and hand-woven fabrics for the couple’s backdrop or just to decorate some walls and tables.
8. Appropriate Color Scheme
Oriental themes usually make use of reds and oranges with a touch of strong and bright yellow, pink, green, and blue tones. Asians often make use of colorful blends. But if you’re going for Japanese Zen, you ought to focus on just black and white combined with earth tones.
Have fun exploring the art of oriental! Should you choose to book us for your wedding, we can work out more creative ideas to keep your guests oohing and aahing throughout the night and also to make your special day extra memorable.