If we apply only the lighting for the ambiance of the place but without the decoration, the event will look corporate or perhaps even appear as if you’re in a night club. If we apply just the floral decoration without the lighting, then we can achieve a bedroom type of look or perhaps a garden-like room. However, for this beautiful wedding celebration in wonderland, we opted to blend together the decors and lighting, thus achieving a romantic and cozy feel for the evening.
Sweet and Homey Backdrop
As you can see in the photo here, we have arranged a sweet-looking and homey backdrop for the couple with the use of a nice floral-printed background that we accentuated with curtains, hanging picture frames, and real flowers. It looks like being in a loving, cozy home for the newlyweds— a peek into their life together as husband and wife.
Signature DIY Flower Arrangement
Check out our unique arrangement of our trademark DIY flowers. We did them in blue and purple to match the motif of the party, providing the feel of paradise on stage and hence matching the rest of the decors.
Sugary, Laidback, and Romantic Bits and Pieces
The guests really felt at home in this event because of the many bits and pieces we included which all helped boost the feeling of laidback happiness and sweet love in the air. Beautiful blooms in simple pots, lamps and candles sprinkled on the tables, figurines and displays usually found in a relaxing home ambiance… all these created a picture of wonder, exquisiteness, and love during the wedding reception.
Play of Pastel Colors
In attaining a homely, relaxed sensation, it was important to use muted colors. We aimed for a play of pastel colors to add a romantic atmosphere characteristic of an evening in wonderland or paradise. Utilizing pastel-colored flowers combined with the colored mood lights, we were able to achieve the look we were going for and one that the couple and their guests truly appreciated.
Indeed there are many ways to make people feel as if they’re enjoying a night in wonderland as they witness the unity of two people they care about.